HUM helping you manage

HuM is available to all of our clients as part of the service we provide and we do not charge any additional fees for this service.

With our 30+ years experience in the industry, IMMagine felt perfectly placed to develop the best and most comprehensive online system called HuM (Helping U Manage) which was built to help you manage your relocation and application process online in collaboration with your personal advisor and our IMMagine support team. Just a few of HuM’s features include:

  • Upload application documents for your consultant to view, rather than having to email them as attachments. You will also be able to access these online at any time.

  • Create your own online storage folders for uploading any documents you may want to access remotely during your application process.

  • Use the joint calendar reminder function to set reminders for important dates and events.

  • Write and store your own notes.

  • View information relating to your application as the process unfolds.

  • Trust that your notes, documents, applications and details are stored securely and only accessible by you & your consultant/s or administrative staff.

Immigration New Zealand

IMMagine has offices based in both Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand from which we've helped over 24 000 people settle in either country. IMMagine is one of the most trusted and reliable names in this industry and only take on clients who we know have a chance of successfully traversing the migration road with us. Read more about us here.

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Immigration seminars

If you want to learn more about New Zealand as a migration destination, New Zealand Immigration policy and processes, check here to see if we have seminars planned for your city. We regularly visit South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Alternatively, we do telephonic and Skype assessments too.

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Join IMMagine Australia and New Zealand through our Facebook page, which we regularly update with weekly blog posts, written by our own consultants, covering migration (policy changes, news and events), lifestyle, employment and other topics from both Australia and New Zealand.

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To properly understand your requirements we would need you to complete a detailed form. This will give us an idea of whether we can assist you, and if so, we will advise you to book a full assessment with one of our migration agents and take it from there.

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Seminar Schedule and what we'll cover

We have helped tens of thousands of migrants from all around the world settle in Australia/New Zealand. For many, attending one of our free online seminars was their first step.

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Learn about general eligibility, cost of immigrating, and lifestyle in both Australia and New Zealand