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Our expert teams operate from offices in Auckland and Melbourne.

More than simply project managing your visa application, the IMMagine team provides advice, information and support before & during immigration.

Many of IMMagine’s advisers are also migrants (some more than once); we understand the logistical & emotional challenge of settling in a new country.

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The van der Lindes
South Africa

The biggest hugest THANK YOU from the van der Linde Family ! I feel like the biggest weight is off my shoulders with my girls joining us soon. One Happy Mamma !!

From start to finish you have all been incredible and gone above and beyond for us and I feel like using your agency is one of our best life decisions so far. You came highly recommended by Family that have used you and I can see why. I have felt heard and understood and even been comforted when needed. Like Family.

Jo is a huge asset to your Team but I am sure you already know this.

Thanks so much once again.

Meddy S

Very happy, thank you Myer, Hamish, Sylvia and Ruth for all your incredible supports for me and my family, including my parents. I know Myer for more than 10 years, and his reputation has been proven to be professional and reliable. I am very happy and satisfied with his advices and his team support so far.

Roy S

Very helpful with elaborating the process with realistic timelines that tallied with government as well as prompt with feedback in the event of any changes.

10/10, would recommend to anyone else as I am evidence of it.

Ryza J

I hope this email finds you all in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support, guidance, and assurance throughout our journey to attain permanent residency in Australia. Your dedication and expertise have significantly impacted our lives, and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.

From the very beginning, your knowledge and professionalism instilled confidence in us. Your guidance helped us navigate the complexities of the immigration process, making it much smoother and less daunting than we ever anticipated. Your attention to detail and personalized approach assured us that we were in capable hands, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our transition to this beautiful country.

Moreover, your unwavering support went beyond just paperwork and procedures. You took the time to understand our unique circumstances and aspirations, offering valuable insights and advice that proved invaluable along the way. Your patience in addressing our queries and concerns, no matter how trivial they may have seemed, further reinforced our trust in all of you.

We are now permanent residents of Australia, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your expertise and commitment. Every milestone we achieve here is a testament to your dedication and impact on our lives.

Once again, thank you, Myer, Hamish, and Ruth, from the bottom of our hearts. We are truly grateful for everything you have done for us and look forward to staying in touch as we continue to build our new life in this great country.

Please convey our gratitude to Esther Bowe, who has also helped us.

Christiaan V
South Africa

We appreciate you making adjustments for our unique situation, which sometimes made applying more difficult. You are an incredible person who never gave up on us.

South Africa

Can I just say…a big THANK YOU, to all of you!!

This has been such a journey from that initial chat we had five years ago. The entire world has changed. We’ve experienced every type of emotion. We’ve run around and stressed out about documentation, testing and whether old work HR teams and colleagues would honour requests for references timeously, we’ve waited patiently with hope on a state invitation, and we even tried things ourselves for a while initially after that chat 5 years ago. Then we had a 491 invite for my wife only a week or two after picking things back up with you and your team, progressed it, and then finally a 190 invite for me and switched lanes into a new application stream. Personally, I tried to move to Australia way back, I think around 2008, on a subclass 176 visa, which was eventually cancelled and refunded by the govt. That was so far back it feels like a completely different lifetime ago, and I was just 26 then. At the end of this month, I’ll be 42. Indeed, trying to get into Australia has been a huge part of my life for the last 16 years or so, over a third of my entire life, actually. So this is more than just a successful application and grant; it’s the culmination of 16 years of hope, of trying and of believing.

Your willingness to take ad-hoc one-on-one meetings for bespoke concerns and Steve’s amazingly fast and on-the-ball responses to everything has really been a highlight for us. We entered very cautious and trepidatious into the world of immigration agents, and you’ve shattered every concern we had with your service, knowledge and willingness to help. I’d be happy to support you with a recommendation/testimonial or anything else that could be of use to your team as a more lasting gesture of appreciation.

Daniel P
South Africa

This is absolutely massive news. This caught us a little off guard actually and we felt a little bewildered. Waking up this morning, I can feel my blood pumping.

You have all been there with us and for us this whole time. You have answered our endless questions, most of them being repeats of previous questions. You have helped us navigate through these processes.

Thank you all. You have helped my family take another step toward a goal we want to reach. This is truly life-changing effort. You will always be valued in our family.

We will do the reviews you have asked us to before the end of this week.

Also, for the future, I may come knocking on your door for help with getting even more of us across the oceans.

Again, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Fausto D
South Africa

The process was seamless. We felt valued and always had information provided to us when requested. We asked lots of questions and never felt like anyone was getting frustrated with us. The team was super friendly and helpful. We are very happy.


    Licensed Advisersexperience & credibility

    Our visa success rate is north of 99%. Governments don’t give away 98% of a visa. It’s an all or nothing game so choosing the right person to represent you matters.

    Statistics provided by the New Zealand and Australian Governments consistently show  that a high proportion of applications are declined.

    In the case of IMMagine more than 99.8% of our clients get the visas we believe they are entitled to.


    Iain MacLeod

    director & adviser

    Advocate, leader, pain in the bureaucracy's backside.

    Myer Lipschitz

    director & adviser

    Strong, empathetic, focused advocate.

    Kane Downs

    licensed adviser

    Australia immigration policy expert; more than 10 years with IMMagine.

    Jo Marsh

    licensed adviser

    NZ & AU specialist with 10+ years experience; calm and steady.

    Hamish Brown

    licensed adviser

    Degree in Law, sharp policy brain but empathetic.

    Jack MacLeod

    licensed adviser

    NZ policy specialist based in Auckland who also has a hand in IMMagine's digital marketing efforts. He believes a client is more than a transaction, it is a relationship.

    Ee Chiao Loh

    licensed adviser

    NZ policy expert, quiet achiever.

    Chen Geng

    licensed adviser

    Australia policy expert with degrees in education & economics.

    April Wu

    licensed adviser

    AU policy immigration expert with a Kiwi daughter & Aussie son. Originally from China.

    Steve Wang

    licensed adviser

    Au & NZ Specialist, dedicated and open-minded.

    Jamie Zhuang JianMin

    licensed adviser

    licensed adviser for a number of years and originally from China.


    Admin, Accounting & Support teamprofessional & efficient

    No machine of many moving parts works without good oil. Here is the 'oil' of IMMagine. Keeping the cogs spinning and the wheels turning.

    Karina MacLeod


    Creative with an eye for detail, self-taught accounts manager.

    Ruth Bernstein

    office manager

    Office all-rounder & administrator based in Melbourne.

    Tom MacLeod

    consultant support

    Organiser of things, DJ and Music producer.

    Sylvia Fan


    Friendly, determined. Energetic go-getter