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Fausto D
South Africa

The process was seamless. We felt valued and always had information provided to us when requested. We asked lots of questions and never felt like anyone was getting frustrated with us. The team was super friendly and helpful. We are very happy.

Madeline W

My consultants were extremely helpful, and answered all queries I had. I appreciated the regular updates (even when there was no news). The manner in which the work was done made me feel that my application was important to them.

Sarah M

We would highly recommend Immagine to our friends and family that are trying to get to Aus and NZ. It was very clear from the start what we needed to do, the cost breakdown as well as the timeline. This was so important for us in terms of our own planning. It takes the stress out of the process. We were also very grateful for Kane and Myer meeting with us at a drop of a hat to help us make decisions. Thank you!

Nakul K

We started our immigration journey with Immagine in 2019 for NZ. Through the pandemic, our relationship/partnership with Immagine saw us working through closed immigration channels, changing policies, change in personal goal posts and our own preferences due to familial reasons.

Our NZ residency application received approval in end-2022 which we eventually decided to withdraw in the interest of an Australian permanent residency. We received our Australian permanent residency in Nov 2023. It has been great working with Jo, Iain & Kane at Immagine. They were prompt to provide thoughtful advice and support through the process that was made particularly difficult by the uncertainties posed by the pandemic and closed borders.

Their honest and objective suggestions proved to be useful in helping us weigh our pros and cons and coming to the best possible way forward for us.

We cannot recommend Immagine highly enough for their exceptional service especially through the pandemic and in handling the changes and uncertainties that came with it.

Dan & Maria
New Zealand

Really appreciated Kane’s help for all of Marias visas, both here in Australia, and from NZ to here, he was outstanding!

Very pleasantly surprised, the effort has been well worth while, Kane was exceptionally helpful with my lack of technical skills.

Shanon, René and Riley
South Africa

I am thrilled to share the exciting news that we have been approved for citizenship! Your efforts have played a significant role in this achievement, and we are grateful for your continued support.

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable assistance with our immigration process. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in navigating this complex journey, and we truly appreciate your expertise.

Thank you once again for your time, dedication, and unwavering assistance. We feel fortunate to have had you by our side throughout this important endeavor.

Alistair & Jodie
South Africa

I wanted to share some good news with you – last week we received an e-mail from DIA, confirming that our citizenship application has been approved.

As always, Jodie & I are very aware of the fact that our NZ immigration journey would not have been possible without the help, advice & support of the Immagine team over the past 5 years.

We’re incredibly grateful to the team from Immagine, who have helped us with various aspects of the immigration process. This includes the invaluable advice the team provided to us in assisting my mum-in-law Viv, who ended up spending almost a year in NZ as a COVID refugee in 2020-21.

From our perspective, this milestone provides a reminder that the work your team does can be life-changing for your clients. This has certainly been our experience over the past five years.

Jodie & I are convinced that working with Immagine is the best investment we made in our immigration decision. Naturally, we have kept referring people to you, and will continue to do so in the future.

All the best to you & the current Immagine team for 2024 – we look forward to hearing about your continued successes.

Muhammad Salie
South Africa

I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service I received from the Immagine Team. Thanks to your expertise I recently received my Visa grant and am looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life in Australia.
Communication from the team assigned to us was clear, and our consultant (Jo) took the time to explain each step clearly and address any questions or concerns we had as a family. This level of clarity was greatly appreciated, as it made the entire process less daunting.
The waiting period for the Visa was longer than expected, given the visa backlog built up during COVID, but the team regularly checked in and also provided us regular updates about changes in the Visa processing times. This proactive approach made the wait more bearable!
I highly recommend Immagine to anyone seeking immigration support!

Werner D
South Africa
Angela M
South Africa

Kane was an incredible consultant to us. During our first meeting he quickly realised that we had options available to us that we did not believe possible (a reinstatement of our permanent residency visa after 10 years of not being in Australia). He was professional, knowledgeable, sensitive to our situation, and only took on what he felt would yield in a positive outcome. He spent a lot of time communicating with us to ensure that we submitted all the correct documentation, and further helped by providing referrals to professionals to help us with payments and moving companies. We would definitely recommend IMMagine immigration to others with an easy heart, and sincerely appreciate the extra mile that we are experienced. We didn’t just feel like clients, we felt that we had people that truly cared! Thank you Kane and team.

Gawan L
Hong Kong

ups and downs occasionally occurred in the journey from 2020 to 2023 for me to apply for 189 and 190 and even my unfavorite 491 visa. Though the feeling of worry and hardship for achieving the required points and score for the visa and IELTS/ PLT, and also to be admitted as an Australian lawyer were lost, it was really a difficult time due to the covid pandemic. I really do not think I could have an 189 visa all along and I am so glad to have it. I am so lucky to have Myer and Steve as my consultants to help, care and support me and answer my enquiries in full quickly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tiffany and Lauren though they took care of my case for only a few months, and also Ruth for arranging the preliminary Zoom conference with Myer in October 2020 which was the beginning and reminding me of the deadline for payment. Anyway, I never forget all your kind and important assistance and let’s gather and keep in touch while I land and finally settle in Australia because I am fresh to the country and have no familiar people, friends or relatives there.

Satchit S
United States

IMMagine NZ has been incredible. You had told me at our first – screening – meeting that I should be prepared for an extraordinarily intrusive, highly bureaucratic, proctological exam. Well, there certainly was some of that. But it seems that it has ended well. Y’all have delivered. What remains (the investment piece and the days-lived-in-NZ bit) is now simply transactional, just a matter of process and implementation.

Esther has been great, as have all of the – many! – people that preceded her. Y’all have juggled many things, without dropping any balls. Very well done. Thank you again.

Hannes G
South Africa

Just want to say thanks again for assisting us with our visas and general info regarding our move from SA.

We really love it in Aus. Work is great and we are enjoying the people we have met in this short time.

Cheers mate!

Yoshua T

Chen, you are the best! As well as Myer, Kane, Iain, and my previous consultant Debbie and Tiffany, you guys gave me positive vibe, advised and encouraged me to gain my goal! I thought it was tough to migrate to Australia, yes actually it was, but with your hands everythings went through smoothly and always on track. You advised me how to get an invitation faster by gain my English score higher, to be honest I have tried IELTS test 4 times, and PTE exam 4 times, the last PTE exam was the best score I have ever had. Thank God, after I hit my desired score proficient, everything running smoothly and the processing time was fast. I remember Myer and Chen gave me spirit to resit the test again and achieve good score to secure an invitation, apply for visa, and got visa approved! I am really grateful and thank you so much for your professional work! I hope to be with you again for my next 191 visa.

Tricia N

We enjoyed the overall process with Steve. He is very knowledgeable and able to share his advise with us specially during the times when we are confused and overwhelmed by the documents and requirements that we needed to produce and processes that we needed to follow. We trusted his judgement to go with visa 189 rather than 190 and now we are grateful to have received the visa grant for the 189.

Kirsty E
South Africa

Chen was super patient with my anxiety and his confidence in getting our visa granted allowed me to rest easy. Even though we had an eight hour time difference, it made no difference to correspondence.

Chernelle E
South Africa

The best experience, hands down. We have had the most professional, supportive, understanding, attentive experience with IMMagine and our consultant Kane Downs has been a superstar. We could not have asked for anything more.

Marisse M
South Africa

Kane and April were the best throughout the process. we had consulted another immigration agency and they basically told us that there was no hope for me to get a visa. After 1 meeting with Kane, he had given us so much information and a clear path to try to get my visa. Throughout the process they provided us with a step by step guide on how to get the best result from our application. At no point did i feel like i was alone in the process. Kane did a really good job and we will definitely be returning to Immagine for the next part of our journey in Australia.

Karen W
South Africa

We started the journey with IMMagine in December 2020, so for 2 and a half years you all have been by our side doing the navigating for us through all the INZ systems, and it has been quite the rollercoaster, with the ending being well worth the wait! Thank you for the professional and concise manner you always dealt with us. We would like to express our gratitude to you and thank you for all you have done. We recommend you to anyone who ever asks us about Immigration consultants!

Kim D
South Africa

Immagine Immigration has changed our lives.

We had a very frustrating 18 months of COVID lockdowns in which to collect the comprehensive list of documentation we would require to emigrate.
Once the borders finally opened and we were allowed into New Zealand things happened very fast. Iain and Ee Chiao arranged a visitor’s visa for me. Once I arrived I applied for as many jobs as I could and got a job offer within 5 weeks. Immagine then assisted with ensuring my employer provided the correct information to INZ and applied for my work visa on my behalf. Once I started working we immediately applied for our residency visas on 19 January 2023. My partner, in the meantime, received his open work visa and was able to come over too. We received our Residency visas on 5 July 2023!

This is an incredibly fast turnaround as my friends and family have recently waited for an average of 12 to 15 months to get residency. The difference? They did not make use of Immagine but rather went it alone. An incredibly stressful route.

We have paid a lot for the service but we have gotten the results we needed which were – Move to New Zealand and start a new life as quickly as possible. We will use the same strategy when it comes to gaining permanent residency and then citizenship.

Thank you Ee Chiao – you are a wonderful person!

Mandy T
South Africa

Ee and Iain have been fabulous throughout this process. They managed out expectations from the onset and provide solid support as we moved forward.
Finally, let’s sum up your experience with us from start to finish using the scale below.

From the start of this process over 12 months ago, we felt as though Ee and Iain were partnering with us. The support was always there, even when there was uncertainty in terms of changes to immigration processes. There was constant feedback from the team and we were made aware of every step as we progressed through. They made the process seem seamless and easy which only added to the overall positive experience. We would not have wanted to work with any other immigration partner as part of our journey.

South Africa

Hamish was a great listener and really went above and beyond during the consultation. He was really helpful and shared a lot of insight. I would recommend him to anyone I know who wishes to know more about migrating to New Zealand or Australia. He is also very professional, kind, and honest.

South Africa

We got there!
We wanted to thank you and your excellent team for getting us through this Investor 2 visa process. What a marathon it has been. You were always confident that we would get there in the end, at times I did wonder about your continued confidence, but like you said, you always get your visa!
I think the thoroughness of putting together a solid application, with full supporting documentation, helped significantly. This was achieved because of the focus of your team in identifying weak areas and closing them – very impressive. Thoroughness, tenacity and persistence got us a result.

Dave and Marilyn
South Africa

Hi Ee
A quick and final note to thank you for your continuous focus, support and feedback in getting us over the line. It has been a long and sometimes arduous process, but we got the result we needed in the end. Thank you!
Good Luck and Kindest Regards

Nayarit, David, Gaia, Leia and Axel
South Africa

We want to thank you again for all your help during this long process. You, Iain and all the IMMagine team did an excellent job, and we felt safe taking this huge step by knowing that we have such a great team backing us up.

If someday you are around Palmy, you are so welcome to visit us and share a meal and a couple of beers with us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

South Africa

Hamish is brilliant was able to answer all my questions. He has great knowledge, is friendly and approachable. I have been in contact with many immigration consultants/ companies for AUS/ NZ/ Canada but i got a very positive vibe from Hamish and the IMMagine team which made my decision easy. I’m looking forward to starting the process with IMMagine.


The experience throughout was fantastic, I felt like April and Myer had a thorough grasp of my situation and goals and were able to advise the best approach to the visa situation. From the very first conversation, I felt that they were operating from my best interests and only had the best advice. Of course, the Covid situation hampered (lengthened) the timeline a bit but that was out of anyone’s control. Despite this, April maintained regular communication with constant updates, which made me feel included in the journey, which led to less questions and anxiety about the progress of the application. April was also quick to respond to any of my questions, and patient when explaining anything, no matter how ‘silly’ the questions may have been. I would highly, highly recommend April, Myer and Immagine to anyone who is looking to migrate to Australia or New Zealand.

South Africa

Jo Marsh has done an absolutely amazing job, I have approached many lawyers before, but my case was unique. She did it capably and she fought for my case as a legend. Thanks Jo, from my deepest heart.


My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very very much. It is an astonishing thing!!!!!!

I am not sure what to say and how to communicate. My heartful thanks to you. Without your support and guidance, it would not have been possible. You supported and guided me during all my tough times on this journey. I could always come to you for help, and you helped. I know I will continue to communicate with you, and you will be there with me always to guide and help me.

I am stopping it now because whatever I say, it doesn’t reflect my feelings.

Thanks once again to you and all the staff at IMMagine.

South Africa

Kane and his team are amazing, as a HR is my first experience with Immigration agency and they have the best customer service. I am very happy!

South Africa

We are still in shock Mate, I can’t believe the PR was finally granted. Myself, S and J can’t thank You enough for all Your guidance and patience an understanding over the last 7 years plus. You are a True Legend!

When we almost ran out of faith and was just about to throw in the towel, Your phone call and words of encouragement always helped. I can still remember the first day I met You in South Africa, You never sold Us a false hope but always spoke the facts. Which had never changed throughout our long journey together.

Thanks for always being there for Us, a shoulder to cry on. Lol

Highly appreciated!!!!

Once again, All Your efforts are Highly appreciated!

Michelle and Rob
South Africa

IMMagine changed another family’s life forever. Thank you!!!!!!!!. You have no idea how much you have all impacted our lives. The thought of  [returning] to SA gave us never ending nightmares and trauma. We are all here now and we are legal and we are ecstatic. Thank you Jo, Iain and the IMMagine Team.
I am eternally grateful for your professionalism and your service to us. I will always sing your praises wherever I go. My cup is full.
We have just moved to Dunedin to be closer to the children.
God Bless You and your families

South Africa

Our immigration journey was not easy, It started back in 2018 with us giving the visa applications a go our selves. But due to my pre-existing mental health condition our application process was complicated. From the first encounter Iain and the team were spectacular with guiding us and getting us on track. Immagine helped with our partner visa’s our EOI, Residence application and finally PR applications. And it was a pleasure to work with the team.

South Africa

We used the services of IMMagine and are very happy to report that we received our Visas yesterday! We certainly couldn’t have done without them. Another agency’s services were lower-priced, but they couldn’t help us.

Our visas were challenging and different to the norm. However, IMMagine knew how to deal with the demanding process. The entire team (April, Kane, Victoria, Ruth etc.) is highly professional, friendly and experienced.

We are grateful that someone referred us to IMMagine and for the two years that they guided and assisted us with the process.We used the services of IMMagine and are very happy to report that we received our Visas yesterday! We certainly couldn’t have done without them. Another agency’s services were lower-priced, but they couldn’t help us.

Our visas were challenging and different to the norm. However, IMMagine knew how to deal with the demanding process. The entire team (April, Kane, Victoria, Ruth etc.) is highly professional, friendly and experienced.

We are grateful that someone referred us to IMMagine and for the two years that they guided and assisted us with the process.

South Africa

I will definitely recommend Immagine to others wanting to use an agent for their process. You are reliable, trustworthy, honest and friendly agents. We are truly grateful for finding Immagine otherwise I don’t think our journey would have been possible without you. Today we can proudly say we are NZ residents and it’s all thanks to Immagine for help making our journey possible!!


I was skeptical when I was signing up for IMMagine in the beginning, the way I would have been for any immigration agency, because, lets be honest, when you are paying for a service, the least you can do is be a skeptic right? However, I couldn’t be one for long, as once we started with the process, they did not give me a single chance to complain about anything. I always received prompt responses from my consultant and he made sure the application was completed and filed in the least time. The real test came when the waiting game started, and my consultant did an amazing job of keeping me informed and updated with every small detail. In essence, he was on my speed dial for those few months. I called him every now and then to know if anything progressed, which, he always answered, even that one time that he was on leave. I want to thank Chen as he is largely responsible for ensuring I have a smooth visa experience.

Nicoline, Brian & Michael
South Africa

I must say this IS the best news ever! We are as a family very humbled and grateful. We cannot ever thank you enough for each and every encouragement, smile & advice given to during this time, Jo & team. It meant the world to us.

Dewald & Melanie
South Africa

Nobody can prepare you on how difficult the immigration process is. This process has pushed us in every single aspect: It pushed our marriage to the very limit, it pushed us spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. However, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that we have done the right thing. Every single day when I drive into our neighbourhood and look at the magnificent view, I get a lump in my throat because I know this entire ordeal has been worth all the effort and heart ache. All I can say is thank you to Immagine on assisting us in making our dream come true.

South Africa

Very professional experience with IMMagine, with clearly the leaders in the immigration business. I will definitely refer IMMagine to anyone else considering immigration as an option. IMMagine was so involved it felt as though I was her only customer. Very happy with the overall dealings with IMMagine.

South Africa

We would like to thank Immagine for being amazing and helping us through everything. We can’t thank you enough for all the help and advice you gave us. Your service is excellent in every way and we would highly recommend Immagine to anyone. Overall we were very satisfied by the service given to us by Immagine NZ. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of migrating to NZ.

South Africa

Immagine has been nothing short of amazing. Their honesty is the one thing that I have appreciated most. They are consistently approachable, reliable and knowledgeable and have been like a solid rock in something that has felt like a crazy storm at times. Their understanding of anything and everything I have put to them, their guidance and respect for the emotional roller coaster this entire process puts you through gave me confidence that no matter what the outcome was going to be we had done everything we could have possibly done and to the best of our ability! “Thank you” doesn’t even cut the mustard here. There are no words to describe how grateful we are of the service and effort that the team at IMMagine have put in to helping my partner and I turn what we could only ‘imagine’ into reality…thank you, thank you, thank you!

South Africa

Hi Kane, Just to let you know that i have settled in very nicely here in Mount ISA working for Glencore mining. I have a great job, a great package and am happy. Again, if you need any advocates for your business; always willing to ‘tell my success story’ with IMMagine.

Nicola & Julien
South Africa

I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to each of you for all your hard-work, dedication, patience and many hours spent on our permanent residence application. We appreciate each and every one of you and all you have done for us. This has not been an easy decision for us but seeing how South Africa is going, it does not make logical sense for us to remain here.

Thank you for making the process smoother for us, for easing the burden of all the paperwork and for making it less daunting. Myer, I remember the words you used when we came to your seminar last year: There will be blood sweat and tears… Thank goodness there was no blood, but there sure was sweat and quite a few tears shed!

All I know is that we would not have been able to do this without the assistance, guidance and patience from each of you. We will be in touch with you regarding bank accounts, funds transfers etc. but for now we need to break the news to the family… Thank you once again for everything.

May you all have a lovely day further.