SMC Points Calculator NZ

Check your eligibility to migrate

Check out how many points you may score once you have secured skilled employment in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category. You need six points in total to be eligible to file an Expression of Interest.

Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Visa

Feature Skilled Migrant Category Visa Other Types of Visas
Target Group Skilled professionals Varied (tourists, students, temporary workers, etc.)
Pathway to Residency Direct pathway to permanent residency Temporary or no direct residency pathway
Points-Based System Uses a points system for qualifications, work experience, job offers Varies (may not use a points system)
Employment Requirement Job or job offer required - must be from an accredited employer Varies (sponsorship by employer, not required, etc.)
Age Limit 55 years or younger Varies (different limits or no limit)
Length of Stay Indefinitely Varies (fixed term, renewable, etc.)
Cost Starting from NZD $4290 Varies
Family Inclusion Partner and dependent children included Varies (different criteria for including family members)

How does the Skilled Migrant Category Visa differ from other NZ visas?

The Skilled Migrant Category Visa in New Zealand is designed for individuals who possess specific skills and qualifications that are in demand in New Zealand, aiming to address skill shortages and contribute to the country's economic growth. This visa allows successful applicants to live, work, and study in New Zealand indefinitely, offering a pathway to permanent residency. Applicants are assessed on a points-based system, with points awarded for factors such as age, work experience, qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.

Use the SMC Points Calculator NZ above to work out if you qualify.

SMC Visa Eligibility

  1. Age Range: Applicants must be 55 years or younger.
  2. Points Requirement: A minimum of 6 points is required to apply.
  3. Employment Requirements:
    • Applicants must have a job or a job offer in New Zealand.
    • The employment must be with an accredited employer and should be either full-time and permanent, for a fixed-term of at least 12 months, or a contract for services of at least 6 months.
  4. Points for Qualifications and Work Experience:
    • Claim 3 to 6 points for a qualification (Bachelor’s degree or higher), New Zealand occupational registration, or income. Points from these categories cannot be combined.
    • Claim 1 point for each year of skilled work in New Zealand, up to a maximum of 3 points. These points can be combined with points from qualifications, New Zealand occupational registration, or income.

SMC Visa Benefits:

  1. Length of Stay: Indefinitely.
  2. Residency and Lifestyle:
    • Live, work, and study in New Zealand.
  3. Family Inclusion:
    • Include your partner and dependent children aged 24 and under in your residence application.

SMC Visa Processing Time

The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa for New Zealand, which allows skilled workers to live and work in New Zealand permanently, has varying processing times that can change based on application volumes, policy changes, and other factors. As of the latest available data, typical processing times can range from several months to over a year.

For example, prioritized applications may be processed in about 4-7 weeks, while others could take significantly longer, with some cases taking 6 to 18 months.

SMC Visa Cost

The cost of applying for the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Resident Visa in New Zealand consists of several fees, including the application processing fee and the immigration levy. As of the latest available information, the application cost is approximately NZD $3,310 for the principal applicant. There may be additional charges for including partners and dependent children in the application.