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Many of IMMagine's clients come on board after already making the move to New Zealand.

These onshore enquiries could result from various scenarios - some problematic (declines & visa refusals) or some from an effort to make a temporary situation more permanent.

We receive onshore enquiries for the most part in the following circumstances:

1. Employers looking to assist their employees obtain skilled work visas

2. Tourists, students or those on temporary working visas wanting to find a way to stay permanently

3. Permanent Residents looking to secure visas on behalf of their spouse or family overseas

4. Residents of New Zealand interested in migrating to Australia

5. Reviews for migration decisions


If you're in New Zealand and looking for any kind of Visa advice or assistance, please contact us using the form you see below.


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Give us a call at the office on +64 9 359 9319. Our office hours are weekdays 9am to 5pm NZT and we're located in Auckland, New Zealand.

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To properly understand your requirements we would need you to complete a detailed form. This will give us an idea of whether we can assist you, and if so, we will advise you to book a full assessment with one of our migration agents and take it from there.

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We have helped tens of thousands of migrants from all around the world settle in Australia/New Zealand. For many, attending one of our free online seminars was their first step.

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