INZ’s Plan For Working At Level 3

May 1, 2020
Iain MacLeod

INZ’s plan for working at Level 3….




















…. which started on Tuesday this week. That’s right, there isn’t one.

We are still being fed the line of ‘limited capacity’ meaning they have no ability to access files from home because they don’t have a 21st century IT system and NZ still requires many visa applications to be filed in paper form. And of course, they trot out the line they need to keep their staff ‘safe’. Meanwhile almost a week into Level 3 all across this country, those in the construction, manufacturing, forestry and retail (online or click and collect) sectors are back at work.

The Immigration Department still says they can’t.

Which is strange because I’ve seen their big flash Auckland office and I simply do not believe that they cannot maintain safe social distancing – already their workstations are at least one meter apart and if busy construction sites, manufacturing operations and fast food restaurants can maintain safe work environments it beggars belief that office workers cannot.

Hopefully we will be able to tell you what their plan is for working under Level 3 before we hit Level 2 in just over 5 working days.

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