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Immigration AI Vs Immigration Advisers

January 22, 2024

Will artificial intelligence (AI) be able to replace me? 

It’s a question that is being asked by most workers whether you are a scriptwriter in Hollywood or a general practitioner in Melbourne. I was curious whether I could be replaced by AI. Part of me wants to believe that I can as it would free me up to play a lot more golf, although it might be the death knell of my business so being able to afford club membership might be an issue.

The rise of the machines (as popularised in pop culture) such as movies like the Terminator have filled us with a sense of dread if the machines ever decided to turn against their creators (us).

After feeding AI a number of different hypothetical factual scenarios I’ve come to the conclusion that AI, in its present form, will never be able to replicate my role in the migration process. 

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Why AI can’t replace immigration advisers

The argument for artificial intelligence is that if you feed in certain data regarding a hypothetical migrant such as age, qualifications, work experience, asset value, English-language ability and similar information pertaining to a spouse or partner, as well as information relating to character and health the machine (AI) would be able to compare that data against various visa criteria and formulate and answer as to which visas are the most appropriate. 

You could even ask the machine to take into account likely visa processing times (this information is on the Department’s website for most visa types) if you have a certain migration timeline in mind. Sounds good? Does that mean that I can reach for my golf clubs now? Not so fast.

Immigration AI lacks creativity

Artificial intelligence will never be able to match the creativity that I bring to the process in considering factors such as:

  1. Doing a different type of English-language test to improve your English language score.
  2. Obtaining a qualification to obtain a positive skills assessment. Often qualifications can be obtained through recognition of prior learning with very little cost and additional study.
  3. Selecting the most appropriate occupation for a skills assessment and being able to determine the range of possible occupations to nominate.
  4. Obtaining multiple skills assessments for an applicant and spouse as well.
  5. Choosing which state to apply for state nomination bearing in mind a migrants lifestyle choice and state availability.
  6. Varying the case strategy if needed depending on government policy changes or a change in age, work experience etc.
  7. Engaging in technical argument with officials from skills assessing authorities or the Department of Home Affairs (the immigration department) regarding skills assessments or visa applications regarding meeting regulations and criteria. There is a lot of ‘grey area’ in the Migration Act and Regulations that cannot be deciphered by a machine.

These are the types of creative solutions to applications under general skilled migration visas which is just one type of visa category in Australia. These visas don’t require offers of employment and are either permanent residence or provisional visas which leads to permanent residence.

People often treat the process as if they are dealing with a form of AI in that they often send me CVs which contain scant information and ask me if they qualify.

Depending on the amount of information contained in a CV it’s possible to identify certain visa options but there is no substitute for having a consultation to flesh out the detail because the devil is always in the detail and the detail often decides whether your visa application will be granted or declined.

immigration ai vs immigration advisers

DIY Immigration Tools

We have recently implemented a “PR points calculator” on our website in which you can feed certain demographic information relating to the factors mentioned above to calculate your points. We also have other calculators for specific visa types which can be found on our main menu.

It’s a simplistic form of artificial intelligence and I would never personally rely upon a tool like this to determine eligibility, because it simply cannot replicate the creativity of a human being and can never take into account all of the scenarios and hypothetical scenarios that go into determining one’s eligibility for a particular visa class.

Just as I would never rely upon artificial intelligence to diagnose a medical condition or prescribe a course of treatment so too would I never blindly follow artificial intelligence to determine my visa eligibility.

Whilst I might have daydreams about being able to retire when AI takes over my role, I can’t see that happening and in the immortal words of the Terminator I guess it means that tomorrow and the day after that etc “I’ll be back”. My dreams of endless days of playing golf will have to be shelved for quite a few more years.

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