Announcement: Partnership With AbsoluteIT Recruitment

November 10, 2017
Iain MacLeod

I’m very pleased to formally announce a partnership with AbsoluteIT, one of New Zealand’s leading and largest IT recruitment companies. In the next few weeks, they will be adding our details to their website and encouraging all international candidates who seek work in IT in New Zealand that contact them to have a detailed visa eligibility assessment carried out by us as a first step towards the team at AbsoluteIT trying to place them in roles.

In return, for those clients of ours who work in IT, you’re now going to have at least one IT recruitment company that is not going to reject your application outright if you “don’t have a Work Visa” if you are a full fee-paying client of IMMagine Australia and New Zealand. A full fee-paying client is someone that we have carried out a detailed assessment of their visa options on and who has then retained us to prepare, lodge and process at the very least, their Work Visa but more commonly I expect, Work Visas, Temporary Visas for other family and also Residency for the family.

I’ve always said I do not wish to become a recruiter and I have been in discussions with this company for a number of years to try and find a solution to that chicken-and-egg scenario that we’ve written about on so many occasions, i.e., recruiters and employers so often want applicants to have Work Visas but the Government won’t give them Work Visas without jobs.

This isn’t the answer to every IT migrant’s dreams as no promises can be made about being able to place everybody who wants a job. What it does however do is to create a fantastic opportunity for employers struggling to fill vacancies locally to tap into IMMagine’s pipeline of serious and committed English-speaking migrants.

AbsoluteIT has offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington and I’ve had a session with their crew in Auckland earlier this week, and my colleague Paul will be spending some time in the next fortnight with the teams in Wellington and Christchurch explaining how our management of the visa process makes their offering even more attractive to NZ employers.

I have offered, and I hope I get taken up on that offer, to run specific IT recruitment seminars offshore, particularly in markets like Singapore and South Africa if the team at Absolute IT think that would be worthwhile.

I’m looking to develop more of these preferred supplier and exclusive relationships with recruiters across the country who are experiencing acute shortages of skills. For example, we do have an informal relationship with a very large recruitment company which specialises in Construction at management level, i.e. Quantity Surveyors, Surveyors, Draftsmen, Project Managers, Site Managers, Civil Engineers and so on.

Given that unemployment in New Zealand has just hit 4.6%, the lowest in five years, and the media being full of employers bemoaning the fact they cannot find skilled workers, I’m hoping that these relationships will enhance our offering to the migrant communities that we work with and offer local employers access to some really fantastic international candidates — without the visa headaches that can go with the decision to hire non-residents.

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