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400 Visa – Temporary Work Visa

February 2, 2022
Myer Lipschitz

The Temporary Work Visa (subclass 400) is a work visa that you can apply for if you have a highly specialized skill that is in short supply in Australia. When you apply for this visa, you have to provide proof that you will be working in an activity that is non-ongoing. Some freelance work might be allowed, e.g., a freelance journalist/photographer undertaking a media assignment. 

Who can apply for the Short Stay Specialist visa 400?

To be eligible to apply for the Short Stay Specialist visa you must

  • have highly specialised skills, knowledge or experience that can help Australian business and can’t reasonably be found in Australia
  • only do the work or activities for which your visa was granted
  • have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily to do the short-term work with no possibility of continuation 
  • be able to support yourself and any dependants included in your application.

Please check the Department of Home Affairs for the details of the eligibility listed above. 

How long can I stay with a Short Stay Specialist visa 400?

You can stay in Australia for up to 6 months depending on the circumstances. Generally, for a stay period longer than 3 months, a strong business case must be provided with the application.

Can I stay longer?

You can’t stay in Australia longer by extending this visa.

Can my family members apply with me?

Your family members can apply with you for a Short Stay Specialist visa if they are:

  • your spouse or de facto partner
  • your child or your partner’s child aged under 18 years
  • Your adult dependent child or your partner’s adult dependent child aged 18 to 23 years 
  • Your adult child or your partner’s adult child aged 18 to 23 years dependent on you or your partner due to a partial or total physical or mental disability
  • Your grandchild or your partner’s grandchild.

Any family members included in your application are not permitted to work or study in Australia, except to do a language training program. You must be able to show that you and your family have enough means to support yourselves while in Australia. 

Can I travel overseas with a Short Stay Specialist visa 400?

The visa is granted with either:

  • single entry – if you leave Australia, you can’t re-enter Australia on the visa, or
  • multiple entry – you can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid.

The period of stay you were granted starts on the date you first enter Australia. If you are granted a single entry visa, you will only be allowed to enter Australia once. You will need to apply for a new visa if you want to return to Australia after you leave. 

If you are granted a multiple entry visa you can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid. The time you spend outside Australia does not extend the visa.

When should I apply for the Short Stay Specialist visa 400?

You must be outside Australia when you apply for the visa and the Department of Home Affairs decides on your application.  

How to apply for a Short Stay Specialist visa 400?

Applications can be made online at the Department of Home Affairs. Have all your documents ready to complete the application and payment to ensure you visa application is valid. You have to submit color scanned copies or photocopies of your documents including

  • Passport photo page
  • letter of invitation, job offer or employment contract from an Australian organisation
  • Documents showing that you can support yourself and any family you bring to Australia
  • Police certificate if required by the Department
  • Documents for partner and children.

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