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Life and doing business is hard enough without starting to worry about work visas and dealing with the Immigration Department.

The reality is however with our historic low unemployment rate ignoring the potential opportunities of recruiting migrants may mean not filling vacancies at all.

We are not recruiters but offer a number of service offerings to employers:




Any NZ business/entity that seeks to employ non-residents or citizens must be 'accredited' with INZ. This comes in two 'flavours' - 'standard' when you want to employ 5 migrant workers or fewer, or 'high volume' when you want six or more at any given time. The process is online and requires you to provide information about the business, its history, recent trading history and so on. It is not overly onerous and we assist many businesses with this initial step.


Job Check

Depending on the nature of the role and salary will determine how complex this second step is. Bottom line is demonstrating a genuine effort to fill the vacancy locally.


Work Visa

The process to secure work rights for your preferred candidate. We have, over the past three plus decades prepared, lodged and processed tens of thousands of these and are well place to manage the process for you.

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