Customer ServiceComplaints Policy

The purpose of this policy is to promote a common-sense resolution of customer service complaints.

Often the quickest and most satisfactory way of dealing with complaints is for the client to deal directly with the consultant responsible for their application. This gives the consultant and the client the opportunity to discuss the matter to come to a quick resolution. It also enables both parties to understand the issues and assists in ensuring that mistakes are not repeated. 

Within ten (10) working days of receiving a complaint, and if it is not resolved a Director of Immagine New Zealand Ltd will determine whether the complaint requires further investigation, will start an investigation if one is needed, and decide how much, if any, additional time is required to resolve the complaint.

The client will immediately be informed of the action taken, and the expected time before resolution. If an error has been made by Immagine New Zealand Ltd that has resulted in an application being declined, Immagine New Zealand Ltd will provide a guarantee on fees subject to the terms and conditions of the client’s signed Authority to Act. 

If you are not happy with our response to your complaint, and your complaint is ‘eligible’ as set out below, you may refer your complaint, in writing, to the Registrar of Immigration Advisers (the Registrar), whose address is:

The Registrar, Immigration Advisers Authority, PO Box 6222, Auckland, 1141, New Zealand. Phone 0508 422 422 (within New Zealand) Phone +64 9 925 3838 (outside New Zealand).

Eligible Complaints

‘Eligible’ complaints are those that allege that your licensed immigration adviser either breached the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2008 (the code of conduct, e.g. broke a promise) or was negligent (careless), or incompetent (lacked knowledge or skill), or incapable (lacked mental awareness) or was dishonest.

For more information on the process of making a complaint to the Registrar and how the Registrar will investigate and deal with the complaint, refer to the IAA Website.