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Immagine Immigration is a comprehensive immigration consultancy, specialising in Australian and New Zealand Immigration Law. We provide a wide range of Australian and NZ immigration services to individuals and businesses worldwide, including help with visas, skilled immigration and citizenship.

For more than 30 years, our team of immigration lawyers, consultants and advisers have presented thousands of seminars to tens of thousands of people.

That is a lot of time spent in your countries, getting to know your people and learning – often first hand – what factors drive your choices to move to Australia or New Zealand.

Today, IMMagine is 100% online which means our sought-after information sessions are far more accessible. While we do provide information about the assessments and the services we offer (as well as their associated costs), our seminars remain entirely no obligation & cost free.

With immigration consultants in Melbourne & Auckland, IMMagine Immigration offers a range of immigration services, including assistance with Student Visas, Partner Visas, Parent Visas, Work Visas, and Citizenship Applications.
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Karen Warrington
Karen Warrington
17 July 2023
Professional and concise, always with their finger on the pulse with everything going on in the NZ & Aus Immigration world! We were very happy with every moment of our two and a half year journey with IMMagine, and would recommend them to anyone thinking or already in the process of immigrating and in need of sound & accurate guidance.
Kim Donnelly
Kim Donnelly
11 July 2023
Immagine Immigration has changed our lives. We had a very frustrating 18 months of COVID lockdowns in which to collect the comprehensive list of documentation we would require to emigrate. Once the borders finally opened and we were allowed into New Zealand things happened very fast. Iain and Ee Chiao arranged a visitor's visa for me. Once I arrived I applied for as many jobs as I could and got a job offer within 5 weeks. Immagine then assisted with ensuring my employer provided the correct information to INZ and applied for my work visa on my behalf. Once I started working we immediately applied for our residency visas on 19 January 2023. My partner, in the meantime, received his open work visa and was able to come over too. We received our Residency visas on 5 July 2023! This is an incredibly fast turnaround as my friends and family have recently waited for an average of 12 to 15 months to get residency. The difference? They did not make use of Immagine but rather went it alone. An incredibly stressful route. We have paid a lot for the service but we have gotten the results we needed which were - Move to New Zealand and start a new life as quickly as possible. We will use the same strategy when it comes to gaining permanent residency and then citizenship. Thank you Ee Chiao - you are a wonderful person!
Roberto Guarderas González
Roberto Guarderas González
19 June 2023
The best company ever: 100% trustworthy! Recommended to everyone!
David Brice
David Brice
25 May 2023
Immagine have to be the BEST immigration consultants. A thorough, professional team that get results. Outstanding in my experience
Yunus Musa
Yunus Musa
24 February 2023
The only migration agency you need for AU and NZ. Heard a couple of bad experiences through my friends with other agencies. Ian, Jo and Hamish are thorough professionals and they mean business! It has been a wonderful journey indeed. Thank you IMMagine!
Rit Muk
Rit Muk
12 January 2023
5 star service. Not only is the team knowledgeable but the level of execution and communication was outstanding. The whole process was stress free.

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Why Us?

Why use Immigration Advisors to immigrate to Australia/NZ

You can get lots of free information out there, including on Government websites and most of it about as reliable as a car without a steering wheel.

If you want to try to navigate your immigration journey in a car without a steering wheel, good luck but buckle up 😊

Thousands of people attempt the journey themselves only to find it ends in disaster, having spent thousands of dollars on the process.

Immigration policy is complicated and what you read on government websites, immigration consultancy websites, chat groups, and social media is often heavily summarised, out of date or simply incorrect.

Even if it is at best correct information, your circumstances might be unique or different from that envisaged by the architects of immigration policy.

IMMagine Immigration provides 2 key offerings; one a free preliminary evaluation to let you know that it is worthwhile paying for a detailed one hour plus personal consultation; the second a free zoom seminar held weekly on Sunday.

In other words, we prescreen you before suggesting you spend any money on having an individual consultation, in which we will explain the requirements to obtain the most appropriate visa in your particular circumstances as well as what the risks and pitfalls are.

We structure our fee in several instalments, rewarding us for you reaching successful milestones, thereby reducing your risk in the process.

We are registered/licensed to provide immigration advice for both Australia and New Zealand and have been in business for over 33 years.

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    Immigration legal advice costs anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars. This largely depends on how complicated your specific legal circumstances are. Temporary visa applications and citizenship applications are often less involved, while permanent residency visas often require more documents, evidence and time to prepare.